Drone X Pro LIMITLESS - Power Features

We are seeing drones being used world-wide for various reasons and by young and adults alike including men and women, boys and girls. Drones come in all shapes and sizes, some from the most ludicrous designs in the world to the sublime and advanced used commercially and by the Military. An advanced commercial one is Drone X Pro Limitless with powerful features. However, they all have some things in common, designed into the structure to make drones usable and affordable.

They come with lots of features, some of which may or may not be built into all the drones making it accessible to all from amateurs to professionals. Technology and the internet has played a huge part in boosting the designs of drones. The Drone X Pro LIMITLESS is a typical example showing its simple and advanced features. So some of the powerful features that you need to know when buying a drone are briefly discussed here in helping you decide on the Drone X Pro LIMITLESS!

5G Real-Time HD Image Transmission


The Drone X Pro Limitless’ advanced technology allows the image transmission distance to be as long as 800m. And the remote control distance is also as high as 1200m so it does not limit the flight.
In planning recording videos, this drone is cleverly equipped with 3-Axis Gimbal and makes filming incredibly smooth, stable and professional.  Thanks to its high technology EIS & Anti-Shake features. The Dual cameras also allow for shooting at multiple angles.

The Drone X Pro Limitless 5G FPV WI-FI real-time transmission power enables pictures/videos to be instantly and wirelessly transferred to smartphones. Therefore, one does not require a 5G capable phone for this type of transmission. In fact, the Drone’s feature of just 1 press of a button, easily allows one to share one’s videos and photos on social media platforms without any hassle.

Superb 4K Ultra-HD Camera

The clarity of photos taken by this drone X Pro Limitless is breath-taking and records every precious memory in 4K Ultra HD Clarity. Its electric camera allows you to use the remote or the app or both in wirelessly adjusting the camera’s angle. It then gets the perfect view your seeking.

The camera mechanism  with the 2-AXIS Gimbal enables all pictures and videos to come out in  smooth crystal clear end-products.

LONG Flight Time on a Single Charge

With the Drone X Pro battery and power indicator you can easily check the battery power status of the drone at anytime! Therefore with the Drone’s LONG Flight Time you are in charge without losing track of power sustainability. As with the long lasting 7.6V x  3400mAh High Capacity, Intelligent Battery, you are capable in exploring the scenery for the full 26 minutes per battery. That’s longer than most similar drones.

Knowing how much power is left is indicated by the LED status light indicator on the back. Designed with a low battery alert the drone lets you know when your enjoyment time is up to bring the drone back to base.

GPS Auto Return Home Fail-Safes

How nice to return home after sight-seeing? The Drone X Pro LIMITLESS is nicely equipped with incredible RTH features, allowing the drone AUTOMATICALLY RETURN HOME in the following situations:

  • RTH Button is Pressed
  • Loss of Signal
  • Critically Low Battery
  • If lost in the remote circumstances

It therefore follows that one is unlikely losing the drone!

As with all GPS drones, one must ensure that the drone is set to GPS Mode before take-off (Mode 2).

All this relies on the Drone X Pro LIMITLESS Precision GPS System on-board which enables one to TRACK & RECORD the flight.

Instantly Create, Edit, and Share Videos

Having an amazing recording and sharing it on social media is a breeze with the Drone X Pro Limitless.

The Drone’s App allows quickly and easily editing and adding music, filters, trimming, etc. to the impressive drone videos. Then simply press the SHARE button and choose how one wants sharing it on social media.

In a nutshell, the Most Valuable Special effects include:-

    • Filter Effects
    • Add Music
    • 1-Key Sharing
    • Add Background Music

1-Click Sharing to Social Media Networks!

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