Top Potensic Drones 2K | 4K Camera Trending Year-End 2021

The drone enthusiast is now very blessed and spoilt for choices. This is due to the  proliferation of high-featured and advanced technological drones. Users can now experience high-end, good quality video and photo drones. Manufacturers are now competing to come out with drones with advanced technological features. We  present the Potensic Drone’s 2K|4K camera range of their latest sophisticated  drones.  These open up new possibilities and whet the appetite of both aspiring and experienced pilots.

Potensic D58 GPS Drone with 2K Camera

The Potensic D58 GPS is equipped with a Potensic Drones 2k|4k Camera. And is a natural upward progression from the D58 FPV with more advanced features for adults. The improvement in the D58 GPS is staggering. And is  due to the advanced GPS-Assisted flight manoeuvrability. Notably, the concept of the follow-Me mode allows one to capture images on the go. This is possible wherever one goes with help of the GPS connected to a smartphone.

The built-in safety one-key auto-return function safely guides the drone back to its home base. And this is handy when in GPS Mode and battery is low or flying in unfavourable weather conditions. It also automatically records its flight trajectory should signal be lost or with low-battery.

The D58 GPS is designed with a three-speed mode of low, medium or high speed settings. These obviously meet the different speed requirements of drone pilots. A high-value Aluminium carrying case safely stores and protects  the D58 GPS’ components.

Credible Flying Distance

This quadcopter has a respectable flying  time of up to 18 minutes on two high capacity batteries. And covers distances in the range of 400 to 500m. The drone’s 5G WI-FI technology transmits quality videos and photos to social media. In addition, the drone’s remote control  operates to a credible 300 to 500m. And allow pilots enjoy a wonderful flying experience.

The sophisticated 2K HD camera records quality videos and photos. And these shoots are automatically transmitted using the advanced 5G transmission technology. The drone when operating with a 120 degrees wide angle, shoots clear and high definition images in real-time. Pilots can also adjust the camera using a single button, up and down in a 90 degrees angle for shooting high quality photos.

Potensic Dreamer GPS Drone with 4K Camera

The Potensic Dreamer GPS Drone is equipped with the new Potensic Drone’s 2K|4K camera. And this obviously puts the drone at a higher level. The advanced multi-function all-in-one design is very easy to use and safe to fly the drone. The modular design makes the drone quick to assemble. And the design eliminates complicated calibrations. It is one of the most intuitive drones ever assembled. And it incorporates an innovative safe piloting app. This makes the drone easy to use as a result of the ergonomically designed remote control.  And it is good news for beginners and experienced Pilots alike in handling and manoeuvring the drone in flights. The drone’s innovative multifunction design offers a new flight experience for all.

The Potensic Dreamer GPS is very stable when flying in all weather conditions and even in a level 3 wind storm. Despite this, it provides best performance speed of 10m/s within 0.1 second when bursting out. This 4K drone  efficiently operates in temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees. And thanks to the powerful brushless motor.

The powerful 4K camera is capable of taking reasonable size photos of 3840 x 2160 images. The built-in sensor and its integrated auto-exposure function ably supports the camera. Therefore, footage taken by the Dreamer  GPS is very clear and ultra-smooth.  And the advanced anti-shake ball reduces vibration when recording videos.

Amazing Flight Distance

The Potensic Dreamer GPS Drone is one of the best long-distance drones in its category. Therefore, the Dreamer GPS obviously makes recording very much fun and enjoyable for the discerning Pilots.  The smart integration of the high capacity batteries and brushless powerful motor ensures recordings are longer and stable. It is not surprising that the Dreamer’s battery  lasts up to 31 minutes during flights. And the low power consumption technology  of the drone ensures the long flights. Charging the battery is a breeze and uses the state of the art two-hour fast charge. 

Potensic Dreamer Pro Drone with 4K Camera | SD Card

The Potensic Dreamer Pro is one of the ultimate  Professional drones for adults.  And it is big in performance, size, power, and a long flight distance of  up to 800m. It also boasts a credible 62 minutes flight time  which is based on its 2 high capacity batteries. An extended carrying case neatly and safely stores its numerous accessories. 

 The Potensic Dreamer Pro is very stable during flight in all weather conditions. Speed wise, it is very good and provides best performance speed of 10m/s within 0.1 second when bursting out. The 4K drone efficiently operates in temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees. And is based on its powerful brushless motor.

Manual Control Setting

This is an intuitive and professional drone ever assembled and it incorporates a safe piloting app function.  The ergonomically designed remote control  makes it easy to use for beginners and experienced Pilots. This influences handling and manoeuvring the drone in flights. And pilots are now confident in exploring the  the drone’s innovative design for more enjoyment and fun. The drone improves its manoeuvrability when Pilots use the new manual setting control features.  When Pilots do the additional do-it-yourself settings they gain extra control of the drone in flights. Read more details on Amazon by clicking the button below.

Potensic Drone’s 2K|4K Camera

The Dreamer Pro is designed with a very sophisticated Potensic Drone’s 2K|4K camera that shoots photos  in 4K Ultra HD. The shoots are clear and stable and are highly detailed in 4K videos. This is the professional’s dream drone for achieving steady aerial shooting up to 2Km high up in the sky. And delivers high-resolution live-streaming directly from the drone’s camera. Therefore, by connecting a phone to the remote control with one of the 3 supplied USB cables, Pilots  can gain control up to 2KM high up. Thereby, giving Pilots all kinds of endless possibilities when flying this drone. Broadcasting on 5.8GHz renders a better reliable WI-FI all round.

In addition to live-streaming, capered photos and videos can be saved on the 32GB micro SD Card provided for peace of mind.

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